muktyala girijamma - Vijayawada Government HospitalGaddaiah of Krishna district got a phone call from Vijayawada Government hospital last month. The person on the other side informed Gaddaiah that his COVID-19 infected wife, Girijamma has passed away. With a broken heart, Gaddaiah brought her mortal remains in a body bag from the Government hospital mortuary.

The body was cremated following the COVID-19 protocols. The family recently had the eleventh day ceremony and are still mourning their loss. But to their shock, Girijamma reached home in an auto claiming to have recovered from COVID-19. It turned out that Gaddaiah had buried someone.

It also means some family lost opportunity to do final rites to their beloved family member. Such goof ups have become quite common in the Government hospitals of Andhra Pradesh and there are many stories as such in the media. It’s high time the authorities be careful as they are dealing with the sentiments and emotions of the people.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 cases in Andhra Pradesh are coming down like everywhere in the country indicating that the COVID second wave is subsiding.