Andhra Pradesh Crippled by Bad Financial ConditionThree years after the state bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh’s finances are still in a grim situation. From April 1st to September 13th, the state had amassed 20,931.99 Crore income but the expenditure is a mammoth 37,894.3 Crores.

According to the FRBM Limit, the state is allowed to borrow 23,794 Crore this financial year but Andhra Pradesh had already borrowed about 16000 Crore in these five months. So, only 7794 Crore Loan limit exists for the rest of the year.

The state is further dented by income decreasing due to GST and delay in the arrival of Central funds. There are several big expenses pending in the form of Loan Waiver, DWACRA Loan Waiver, Capital Construction Expenditure and others.