YSRCP_gudivada_amarnathThe other day, Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Gudivada Amarnath tried his hand at some honest talk.

“Don’t compare AP with other states. Don’t compare me with other IT ministers (KTR in this context). It will take 1-2 decades for us to develop in IT,” Amar said.

The honest talk is really good and sometimes needed too. It will definitely take 1-2 decades for IT to develop in Andhra Pradesh, there is no doubt about it.

But the problem is not that. The lack of intent to develop is the major problem with Jagan Government. We have seen how they drove away some of the investments like Franklin Templeton, Adani Data Center, etc immediately after coming to power.

It is unfair to compare Andhra Pradesh with Telangana or Karnataka. But there is no wrong if one compares Amar with KTR.

Amar need not bring the results like KTR but he can at least make an attempt like how the Telangana IT Minister pitches his state to the investors.

All we get in Andhra Pradesh is the IT Minister justifying skipping WEF Summit in Davos for obnoxious reasons.

We see him busy 24X7 making political comments against Pawan Kalyan. While his academic credentials are not put to use, his community credentials (Kapu) are being used to badmouth the Janasena President day in and day out.