jagan amaravatiAndhra Pradesh Government has decided to complete the buildings which are over 70% complete in Amaravati. The Government, however, is not going to give funds but will give bank guarantee for 3,000 Crore Rupees that are required.

Of all the buildings those needed for the legislative capital will be retained and the remaining will be auctioned off. A committee appointed to look in to these buildings advised the government to auction the buildings only after completion so that the government gets good prices.

The Government taking any such decision to auction buildings may have legal implications as there several legal cases pending on Amaravati and the three capitals. Any decision to curtail the capital will be challenged once again in the courts. Let us see how the government handles this!

On the other hand, farmers who have given their lands for the capital have been protesting the decision against the three capitals for around 500 days. But then, the Chief Minister is yet to take time to talk them and assure taking care of their interests