Andhra Pradesh Bad, Telangana Is Even Worse!
A Sero Survey conducted by ICMR has revealed massive underreporting of COVID-19 cases in the country and especially in both the Telugu States. Telangana has missed reporting 42 COVID-19 cases for every single Positive case reported.

Andhra Pradesh is better than Telangana but still underreported 22 COVID-19 cases for every single reported case. There are eight states which have underreported cases than Telangana. Uttar Pradesh topped the chart by underreporting 134 cases.

Bihar underreported 100 cases for every single case. India on an average reported thirty three cases less for every single reported case. That means Telangana’s underreporting is much more than the country’s. Accordingly, the total cases of AP may be 3.78 Crore while Telangana cases may be 2.43 Crore.

Hopefully both the states will maintain better transparency with the apprehensions about a possible third wave.