CHANDRABABU NAIDU -Andhra pradeshAt the time when Andhra Pradesh government is contemplating a shift of administration from Hyderabad to Amaravati, several All India Services’ Officials are trying to escape the shift by seeking central postings. AIS officers are not so interested in going to Amaravati and has applied for no-objection certificates from the Andhra Pradesh government to move out of the state.

They have cited career and personal reasons for going to Delhi. Babus who are expected to be role models are themselves worried about working in Amaravati, as they say they and their families can not afford to leave the comfort of city. This will come as a disappointment to the state government as it is already short of AIS officers.

AIS officers are demanding more time for the shift and wants to work from Amaravati. “There is a shortage of food, social life at Amaravati. We do not even have proper offices or quarters. Moreover, children’s education, healthcare facilities are all a matter of concern,” a senior officer on anonymity tells us.