Andhra Pradesh Assembly Turns Ugly, Chandrababu SuspendedUgly scenes have returned to the Andhra Pradesh Assembly right on the first day of the Winter session. The Ruling side’s refusal to take the considerations of the Opposition in Cyclone Nivar affected Andhra Pradesh has become the issue of contention.

TDP demanded compensation for crop damage. CM Jagan responded to TDP MLA Nimmala Ramanayudu’s criticism. When Chandrababu tried to speak on the answer of CM Jagan, the ruling party interrupted and did not let Chandrababu speak.

The speaker also remained a mute spectator. Vexed with the Ruling Party’s Reluctance to listen to the grave problem of the farmers, Chandrababu sat in front of the Speaker’s podium in protest of the ruling party. This is the first time Chandrababu resorted to direct protest in Assembly.

Even then, the ruling party did not relent and CM Jagan took the charge of attacking directly. The Chief Minister tried to mock Chandrababu saying that the Opposition is doing Rowdyism. The speaker suspended Twelve TDP MLAs including Chandrababu for one day. Suspending an Opposition Leader is something unprecedented.