Andhra Pradesh IT ExportsThe YCP-led government of Andhra Pradesh had always been facing stern criticism for the lack of urge to bring investments to the state, and on top of it, scaring away potential investors with a hostile method of operation.

Now, the central IT ministry has factually revealed the sad state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh. In response to a letter written by Rajyasabha member GVL Narasimha Rao, union IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar stated that Andhra Pradesh contributes 0.14% of India’s IT exports.

The IT minister stated that AP has good infrastructure, large manufacturing base, and a good talent pool but the IT exports are below 0.2%.

Back in the day, during Chandrababu‘s regime, united AP was blooming in the IT sector. There was a decent effort to resurrect the IT field in newly formed AP between 2014-19, but once the government changed, things went haywire and there was a complete collapse in the IT sector, an analyst noted.

The union minister added that AP has 10% of the country’s IT workforce but the actual IT exports are mere 0.14%. He noted that the lack of positive efforts from the government has led to local talent migrating to other states in search of IT work.