Sridhar-Nidamanuri-CanadaA Telugu, Sridhar Nidamanuri, a 26-year-old employee of BNP Paribas, has gone missing in Montreal, Canada. He was last seen in his apartment in downtown Montreal about a week back.

Though Sridhar was seen on Friday morning, he failed to report to work on Monday. When he could not be reached by his employer, they called the emergency contact as per local media. Incidentally, it was then that his friends and family got to know about Sridhar missing. Though it has been a week since he went missing, the police have been unable to trace him so far.

To add to his family’s concerns, his wallet, and mobile phone were found at his apartment. Sridhar is from Andhra Pradesh, and he has been living in Canada for some time now. The Telugu Association of Montreal is trying to help his parents know the whereabouts of Sridhar by asking for the public’s help.

Earlier, Tanvi Marupally from North America had gone missing and was found two months later in Tampa in a safe and healthy condition at a library.