Andhra Experts Worried About KCR's ProposalTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has proposed a new project in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh for the diversion of Godavari Water to Srisailam Project. This Project will benefit Telangana and Rayalaseema, KCR says. But then, there are apprehensions about the project from Andhra Experts even though CM Jagan is okay in Principal.

Firstly, the Project will be most useful for Telangana. It will cater to the needs of Rayalaseema but then, Polavaram after completion is expected to do the same. Moreover, the excess water in the Godavari is Andhra Pradesh’s Right because it is the last state before the River goes into the Sea.

Andhra Pradesh Government will have to bear maybe half of the expense of the Project while foregoing its Water. One more catch in this proposal is the Project is completely in Telangana. So, the State Government will have total control over it. If in the future, there are hostile situations between both the states, Telangana can use it as per their wish.

A few years ago, KCR Government discharged the water in Srisailam for Power Generation. This is despite the fact that the Andhra Pradesh Government offered to equivalent Power to Telangana at free of cost for Saving Power. Even if KCR’s commitment in this aspect is to be believed, it is a fact that neither KCR nor Jagan is permanent in the Power and anything can happen in the future.