KTRBJP has mounted pressure on the TRS Government to celebrate Telangana Liberation Day officially. It has brought Union Home Minister Amit Shah and held a massive public meeting in the communally sensitive Nirmal the other day. Minister KTR has responded to it.

“For us, June 2nd is the Liberation Day because Telangana has become a reality after separation from Andhra Pradesh after a long struggle. We celebrated September 17th as a party, but as a government, June 2 remains our Liberation Day. We will not support any efforts to target one particular community,” the minister said.

Historians speak volumes about the tyrannical rule of Nizam and how people have suffered back then. Wonder why celebrating liberation from Nizam rule means targeting one particular community. Also, one will wonder how a party will have two different stances (exactly opposite) as a party and in Government.

And then, KTR worries about targeting a community but is convenient about doing the same with Andhra.