Anantapur Head ache for Chandra Babu!

With Congress totally decimated from Seemandhra region, Congress leaders in the region are looking at Telugu Desam Party for refugee. Even some hardcore Congress loyalists are shifting their loyalties to Telugu Desam in this crisis. One such leader is JC Diwakar Reddy from Anantapur. Faction issues exist between Paritala group and JC group in the district for several years, And now JC is looking at Telugu Desam.

Chandra Babu is in favour of taking them in to party as JC is capable of winning Tadipatri MLA seat and Anantapuram MP seat if he contests from TDP. In the closely contested elections, every seat will count. But TDP leaders in Anantapur are not in favour of JC joining the party. Paritala Sunita herself is opposing this move while Chandra Babu is busy convincing them. Chandra Babu do not want to hurt Sunita as their family dedicated fully to TDP and stayed with TDP even in crisis. We will have to see if Sunita abides to the party president or if the issue damages Anantapur TDP.