Senior Congress leaders Anam Rama Narayana Reddy and Anam Vivekananda Reddy are longing to board TDP’s ship. The brothers recently met Chandra Babu Naidu few days ago. But Senior Nellore leader Somireddy Chandra Mohan Reddy is strictly opposing their joining so Chandra Babu has kept their application in pending. It is said that initially Chandra Babu was not favour in joining them but Venkaiah Naidu seems to be backing them.

Chandra Babu has given the responsibility of resolving this issue to his son Nara Lokesh. He will be talking to all the leaders to clear road for Anam brothers. If every thing is set, Anam Brothers will join Telugu Desam Party on 24th of this month, Chandra Babu Naidu will be coming to Nellore on that day for his first official visit after becoming Chief Minister. Anam Brothers joining TDP will strengthen the party in the district where is it is lacking proper leaders.