Ammo Okato Thaareeku Moment for Narendra ModiAmmo Okato Thaareeku is a famous phrase in Telugu which depicts the Middle Class Problems that comes on First of every month like Rent, Ration etc. But then the entire country is now facing the Ammo Okato Thaareeku Problem due to Narendra Modi‘s Demonetization which is historic but very poorly conceived.

There is an acute shortage of cash in all the banks and people are being refused the 24000 per week limit they are granted. And these woes just compounded with the Salaries arriving. A few companies deposited the salaries of the employees on 30th and the some will do that today. Most will complete by 5th to 10th.

But then people have money in their accounts but no cash in hands. Several bills and rents are accepted only in Cash and as a result, there are serpentine queues before Banks and ATMs all over Hyderabad and other areas of Telugu States where particularly the salaried class resides.

90% of the ATMs in Hyderabad have these ‘No Cash’ Boards and Banks are dispensing only as much as 2000-4000 per week reflecting the chaos on the ground. The next 10 days is going to be the real roller coaster ride for the government as people’s frustration levels will reach to new highs. Let’s see how the government handles this mess.