amma-then-chinnamma-now-leaders-fall-on-sasikala-feet“Some things never change” a user tweeted today. This tweet is with regards to the act of AIADMK members at Marina Beach falling on feet of Sasikala the general Secretary of the party. They used to do the this for their Amma back then and now continue to do the same to the Chinnamma.

In the clip of a video posted online, the party members who visited Amma’s burial place and paid their respect to her by touching the ground and then went forward and followed the tradition and prostrated before chinnamma.

Does this show their acceptance of Chinnamma to be the successor of Jayalalithaa in politics? and hand over the party to her? We never know! But the video of this act by AIADMK brought up several questions like if they truly had a special place for their Amma in their hearts as they said, or all these days they have always just been following the tradition of falling on the feet of their leader irrespective of who it is?