Amit Shah's Survey Forced Speaker to Prevent Lok Sabha By-Elections?Five YSR Congress MPs’ Resignations were finally accepted by the Speaker but in all probability, there is a Zero chance for byelections happening since the General Elections are less than an year away. Sources say that BJP did not want the by-elections to happen.

According to a survey commissioned by Amit Shah, except for Kadapa and Nellore, YSR Congress stands no chance of winning. TDP is ahead of YSRCP in Ongole and Rajampet by 8% each, and is marginally ahead in Tirupati by 2%.

YSR Congress is ahead of TDP by 12% in its bastion Kadapa and 6% in Nellore where Mekapati is the Plus Point for YSR Congress. TDP winning Three out of the Five Seats of the Opposition will mean that the Cycle Party is in for a massive victory.

And that will ensure the much-needed momentum for the Cycle Party and BJP bosses do not want that. On the other side, BJP could not even save deposits in all these seats which will send bad signals at the National level. And so, BJP ensured that there are no by-elections by delaying the resignations acceptance through the Speaker.