Amit Shah Shocked, the Reality of BJP in Telangana!Telangana BJP was making tall claims of coming to power in 2019. They even make claims as if the alliance with TDP (TS) is the lone problem before BJP coming to power in Telangana. BJP President Amit Shah who is in his Telangana Tour has got to see the reality.

Amit Shah intentionally selected Interior of Telangana for his tour and is shocked with the result. BJP has absolutely no grip over the masses. The problem is so big that the state unit has to mobilize cadre from Hyderabad to ensure that the people turnout does not look sparse.

The actual plan is to severe ties with TDP (TS) and Amit Shah would make the announcement. But he stopped declaring that open leaving the option open. Despite TDP being in ventilator in Telangana, the party still has a better framework in all the districts of Telangana.

Severing ties with TDP (TS) will mean that BJP will have no partners. Congress and Communists will not join BJP for obvious reasons and go with TRS will prove to be no use. So, Telangana BJP have very limited options regarding the alliances.