Did Amit Shah Really Call Chandrababu?There were rumours that BJP President Amit Shah called TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu hours before Revanth Reddy’s Resignation and asked Naidu to stop him at any cost. Naidu reportedly complained to Amit Shah that this has happened due to the Over-Action of TS BJP Leaders.

BJP Leaders, however, claim that this is false news and BJP President Lakshman said Amit Shah will never ever interfere in other party’s business. Political Experts say Amit Shah may have called because he does not want Congress to grow in strength which will affect national politics as well.

There is a clear change in the attitude of BJP in Telangana all of sudden. BJP leaders used to frequently claim that they are going alone in 2019 elections but all of sudden sat for a coordination meeting indicating that they are fearing of losing in Telangana.