Amit Shah Over-estimating BJP in Andhra Pradeah and Telangana StateBJP President Amit Shah seems to be confident about the prospects of the party in both the Telugu States. In an interview to a National Channel, Amit Shah revealed staggering Vote Base of the party in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He went on to say BJP has the vote share of 15-20% in Telangana while it has 7% in Andhra Pradesh.

Interestingly, these numbers are way higher than what the party actually got in 2014 elections. Remember 2014 was a wave election for BJP but now the Modi wave has decreased and the Saffron Party has no partners to contest 2019 elections. There are no reasons to believe that BJP has increased its performance in both the Telugu States.

In Telangana, BJP is short of partners since TRS is not ready to lose the minority votes. While in Andhra Pradesh, BJP is portrayed as anti-state, so any party aligning with BJP will mean that they are on the losing side as such alliance will attract the ire of the people. It is interesting to see how the party really performs in 2019.