mudragada-padmanabham-padayatra-kapu-gharjana-ravulapalemAndhra Pradesh DGP, Samba Siva Rao has announced that Section 30 is imposed across the state and any kind of protest have to be undertaken only with the prior permission. Also, those taking up such protests should give a declaration that they are ready to take responsibility in case of Violence and will payback for the loss of property in a case according to Supreme guidelines.

These conditions are likely to irk Kapu Strongman Mudragada Padmanabham who has announced undertaking a Padayatra on 16th of this month. The Padayatra will begin from Ravulapalem and will go on up to Antharvedi. It is known to all how the earlier Kapu Gharjana meeting in Tuni panned out to a large scale violence and some miscreants torching Ratnachal Express.

DGP also announced that Mudragada did not apply for the permission till date and if he does it will be dealt according to the rules. Usually, Mudragada is known to be a stubborn man and this conditions will blow him to the next level. It has to be seen if he will really ask for the Permission.