Americans Making Fun of H1B Layoffs!For a decade or so, the trend of hiring Indian graduates as a substitute for Americans started in the US. For all these years, Indians have been harping on the point that they are more industrious and talented in the IT department than the Americans, which is why they were hired in hordes.

Indians earned pretty good money, but comparatively, they were cheaper than their American counterparts.

But now, tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon have finally had the courage of laying off thousands of Indians. Meta laid off 11,000 employees, while Amazon laid off 10,000 and Twitter laid off 3700 Indian employees.

Those fired have been given 60 days to find a new job and transfer their H1B Visa or return to India. Now, this is a huge issue for Indians as they will not prefer returning home and will try to work illegally till they get a job. However, this can scuttle their chances when they go for visa approval once they get a job.

Meanwhile, Americans who lost out to Indians for years are having a field day shaming and attacking Indians under their belt on social media.

One tweet said, “90% of people that were laid off this week by American tech companies were Indians on H1B visas. One week they are bragging about taking over the west, the next, they are getting laid off & kicked out of the country. Must be karma.”

Another user from America wrote, “It’s such a pleasure seeing Indians living a nightmare, not the American Dream in the US!”