Donald Trump Sale eBay Highest Bid - The President AuctionLooks Like Americans are not out of Election fever yet. Trump has become the point of attraction currently, not as “The President of America”, but as “The President for auction”. A Statue of Trump statue is open for auction at Grey’s Auctioneers in Cleveland. The starting bid is 1000 dollars. The wind of this crazy trial has gone all over America and there are Naked trump statues displayed in several places.

Though the statue isn’t winsome, the highest bid was for 87,500 bucks! At Julien’s auction, the statue was sold for $22,000. There is also a sale of this art on eBay which ends in the midnight. This was started in August with the display of Naked trump statues at several corners of the country which were taken off from the streets as the pictures of them diffused widely on social media.

People are not only making use of the statue as an interesting post on social media but also to protest the victory of Trump in USA elections. And the creator of this invincible piece of art is a team of anarchist art collective INDECLINE.