Ambati: Amaravati Yatra Is Vollu Balisina YatraThe YCP government has made its intentions clear that they are least bothered about Amaravati development. In fact, the government representatives have made it a habit to mock the Amaravati capital movement.

Today, YCP cabinet minister Ambati Rambabu made a derogatory comment on the Amaravati movement and those involved with it.

“Amaravati Yatra is done by Vollu Balisinollu. It’s not a people’s movement but a caste movement propelled by TDP” Ambati said.

Ambati’s loose talk on Amaravati movement is now receiving flak on social media.

“People gave away fertile lands for capital development. And now, YCP government is having the audacity to call them Vollu Balisinollu. Do they even realise the plight of many working class people and farmers who gave their lands?” A netizen commented.

Another netizen pointed out that it is heinous enough that YCP tracked back on the Amaravati capital area developed but they are now stooping to new lows by labelling the movement as casteist one and also degrading the thousands of families who have their lands.