YS-Jagan-Amaravati-3-Capitals-Online-PollsThe three capitals proposal is one of the many widely criticised moves by the YSRCP government. Now, a top tabloid is in the firing line over a deleted poll in the context of Amaravati.

Going into the story, this top tabloid held a poll, asking if Jagan’s three capitals move is a wise one or not.

The poll amassed a whopping 5 lakh+ votes. And the result was quite staggering. Over 89% of the voters felt Jagan is wrong to change the capital from Amaravati. The verdict was quite unanimous. But what happened later is more attention-grabbing.

The tabloid deleted the poll almost immediately after the result came out. This has led to stern criticism on this reputed media outlet.

“Could you please tell us why did you delete this poll? The poll result, 89% in favour of People’s capital Amaravati n mandate of half a million people is against 3 capitals. Are you endorsing YSRCP govt’s 3 capitals decision? So u deleted?” A netizen tagged and questioned the tabloid.

The media outlet is yet to react on why it deleted the poll. They are now under the pump for their suspicious act.