The Agitation of Amaravati farmers against the Trifurcation of the Capital has entered the 21st day. Farmers today resorted to Highway Blockade at Chinnakakani near Guntur. Macherla YSR Congress MLA, Pinelli Ramakrishna Reddy was going that way and the farmers have stopped the vehicle from going ahead.

Some unknown people have pelted stones on the car and the glasses of the car got shattered in this incident. The Gunmen of the MLA got into a heated argument with the farmers and later, Police entered the scene and resorted to lathi-charge on the farmers to dispel them.

The farmers are disappointed with the fact that the Chief Minister did not make a single statement assuring them of protecting their interests. Moreover, YSR Congress Ministers and MLAs have been making atrocious comments calling farmers as paid artists and real-estate agents.

What is more disturbing for them is that even the local MLAs and MPs did not come and talk to them. Meanwhile, the high-power committee appointed to look into the reports of GN Rao Committee and Boston Consulting Group will sit for its first meeting today at CRDA Office.