Amaravati StirThe Stir of Amaravati farmers against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government’s decision to trifurcate the Capital has reached the 27th day. Government which has been patient initially did not like the defiance and is using brute Police force on the farmers. Even the women are not spared. The material on the Social media regarding the Police Iron Fisting puts democracy into shame.

It is evident that ego is overshadowing the common sense of those in Power. Political Experts say that this is the lowest point of Jagan’s Tenure and his inexperience is clearly at display. Not even Eight months in Power, you have the women and human rights Commissions knocking your doors.

The same moment also indicates why Chandrababu Naidu often boasts of 40+ years of experience in Politics. Sensing that the Government is losing its sanity on the issue, Naidu grabbed the Oppurtunity with both the hands and is trying to take the Movement across all the thirteen districts. It may be amateurish to say he is successful but he is making the right moves in that direction.

What Jagan should have done? – Speaking in plain Political terms, he should have let the issue die a Natural death. Rein your Leaders from taking nonsense before the media, use your power to make the area inaccessible to the press, let people protest until they are tired. At some point, farmers will give up due to desperation. What is happening in Amaravati is totally mishandling due to inexperience.