amaravati-land-pooling-capital-farmers-back-agricultureFarmers who have given their lands for Amaravati under the Land Pooling Scheme have started farming activity, cultivating millet and other crops. Since the construction work will take some more time to start, the farmers whose lands are not leveled by the officials have started cultivating millet and other crops.

The farmers are ready to hand over their lands to the officials whenever they are needed for the construction activity. Already the farmers who oppose the land pooling are continuing cultivation for the past 22 months on nearly 3,000 acres in Undavalli, Penumaka and other areas with the help of court stay orders.

The farmers are hoping that APCRDA and the government will not disturb their cultivation activity till the start of Amaravati construction works but officials are worried if this would send negative impact of the capital. But then we are told that government has asked the officials to go easy on the farmers since the land is anyways not being used now.