YS Jagan Amaravati LoansYS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government suddenly withdrawing the bills pertaining to the three capitals has come as a surprise for all. There are several theories about why the Chief Minister may have taken the decision. Here is another one.

Buzz is that the Government immediately wants a loan of 50,000 Crore Rupees for various welfare schemes. After exhausting all options, Jagan now eyes 50,000 Crore loan from the World Bank in the name of Capital Construction that will be diverted as usually.

But then, there is no chance of getting loans for three capitals because the matter is subjudice. The issue is unlikely to get resolved any sooner. So, by withdrawing the bills, there are no court cases and Amaravati is the capital without any dispute.

Rumors are that Central Government also promised complete co-operation in the loan process if the bills are withdrawn. The plan looks good but the question is if the World Bank will fall for it so easily.