Amaravati-YS-Jagan-Andhra Pradesh Government is gearing up to sell Amaravati lands to begin the capital works as ordered by the High Court.

The government is planning to sell 248.34 acres at the rate of 10 Crores per acre. The government targets 2,480 Crore Rupees from this sale.

Jagan Mohan Reddy always opposed the idea of Amaravati saying that the state can not afford such big money even as Chandrababu Naidu maintained that it is a self-financing model.

Farmers have given around 34,000 acres of land to the capital.

At the rate decided by the Jagan Government, the total land should be worth 3.4 Lakh Crores.

The Ten Crore per acre is the government’s estimation after three years of complete neglect.

It is common sense to say it will cost much more if there is a Pro-Amaravati approach.

In a way, Jagan has agreed that Amaravati is a self-financing model and is very much sustainable as how Chandrababu Naidu always said.

Interestingly the lands the government is selling are the 100 acres allotted to BR Shetty for the construction of Medicity and another 148 acres allotted to London Kings George College.