Amaravati Farmers Should Get 72,000 Crore Compensation?The agitation of the farmers in Amaravati against the Capital Shift has reached the Twentieth Day. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is yet to make a comment instilling trust in the farmers on the Government. Meanwhile, the Ministers continue to make ridiculous comments terming farmers as Paid Artists.

With the Government in no mood to budge, the farmers may have the only option of Legal Route to solve this issue. Legal experts say that the Land Pooling Agreement between the farmers and the State Government have strict conditions in case the agreement is violated.

If the Government violates the agreement, the farmers should be compensated according to the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. The Government should pay thrice the Market Price which will arrive at 2.17 Crore per acre. The State Government will have to shell around 72,000 Crore for 33,000 acres.

It has to be seen if the court buys the argument that Amaravati will still be one of the capitals. The Government intelligently promising developed plots to the farmers but that will mean much-degraded value than what is promised to the farmers.