Amaravati Farmers in Panic, 29 Villages Shutdown after Bandh CallEver since the announcement of the Three Capitals formula, the farmers who have given their lands for Amaravati are in a panic. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that only the legislature buildings will continue in Amaravati. This means all the grandiose plans are crashed and the real-estate in Amaravati comes down crashing.

On the other side, farmers have called for a Bandh of all the 29 villages today. The State Government has imposed Section 144 to prevent the farmers from resorting to protests. Like never before, huge police personnel was deployed in all the 29 villages. Rumors in the villages were that the Government instructed the Police to crush the dissent with an iron fist.

The farmers are demanding that Amaravati should be continued as a Single Capital or their lands should be returned like how they were given to the Government in 2015. Even if the Government decides to give back the lands, most of the lands have now become not suitable for farming.

Interestingly, the farmers belonging to the YSR Congress who still gave their lands to their capital are also sitting for the protests. The farmers have announced that they are starting Relay Hunger Strikes from today. In between all this, it has to be seen how the Center responds to this proposal of the State Government.