Amaravati-Farmers-JaganAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has embarked on his first program in Amaravati as the Chief Minister with the distribution of house sites to the beneficiaries.

The government has prepared house sites in 25 layouts across various villages in the R5 Zone, specifically allotted to beneficiaries from Guntur and NTR districts. The farmers who gave their lands for the capital have fought a legal battle against this move but the Government had its way.

The farmers opposed this move because the layouts were intentionally planned in a way to disturb the Amaravati Master plan. The layouts make the Master Plan unimplementable even if the Government changes in 2024.

The Chief Minister even though resides in Amaravati did not lay a single brick there. Now, this plan is to make the Master plan unimplementable, and on top of it, Farmers are being portrayed as anti-poor and villains.

“We the farmers of Amaravati were doomed the day Jagan set foot in the area after constructing a house in Tadepalli. We were cheated to believe he is pro-Amaravati and we voted against our own fate. We are doomed now,” the farmers are saying.

“Now, he is trying vote-bank politics by making us villains. Regardless of who gets what, the future of all sections of the people are doomed with this government’s freebies and zero development attitude,” they say.