Amaravati Farmers Become A Example of Farmers Across the Country29,481 farmers have given 34,322 acres of land in the Land Pooling Policy of Chandrababu Naidu for the construction of Amaravati. Among these farmers, 5,227 farmers have given One to Two acres of land while another 3,337 farmers have given Two to Five acres of land. These farmers have given lands not for monetary benefit but in lieu of lands.

This means even the small and medium-range farmers have trusted Chandrababu Naidu and more particularly, the land pooling policy. In the age of land acquisition getting very tough and the government spending huge money, Land Pooling is revolutionary. To encourage the farmers, the Central Government also exempted the farmers from Capital Gains Tax.

But the World of the farmers has become topsy-turvy. With the change of the Government, the Amaravati model is changed and they are on roads trying to dissuade the Government from shattering their dreams. This outlines a very dangerous message not only for farmers in Amaravati but to every farmer in the country.

The message is a classic textbook example of why people shouldn’t do business with governments in India. This will have dangerous repercussions throughout the country. It has to be seen if the Central Government interferes just like in the case of how it did in the PPAs controversy.