Amaravati Capital Change - A Dangerous Decision To Have Massive RepercussionsThe Experts Committee appointed by Andhra Pradesh to look into Amaravati and the crucial projects in the capital region had intensified its work. The committee the other day sought the opinion of the people about Amaravati and the other projects and gave time until November 12th for the people to send in their opinions.

It is quite clear that the groundwork has begun to change the capital and this public opinion gathering is a mere formality. This is very much expected of Jagan Mohan Reddy Government since the Chief Minister always had animosity towards the Capital since the start.

However, the big debate is if something like a Capital can be changed according to the whims and fancies of a party whenever the government changes. Approximately, 6000 Crore will go into the drain if the change happens and it will also burn the future of more than 25,000 farmers who voluntarily gave their lands to the capital.

Land Acquisition has become very difficult in recent times and a possible solution (Land Pooling) for it will get nipped in the bud. Moreover, Capital Change will have a bearing effect on the state finances which are already struggling since the State Bifurcation. Its high time, the courts or the Center should interfere.