Amaravati_Big_Problem_Rushikonda_No_ProblemVishakapatnam based environmalists EAS Sharma and Bolisetty Satya (Janasena leader) used to be hyper active during TDP Government.

They have filed numerous cases on Amaravati in the National Green Tribunal and delayed the project. The cases were proved to baseless but delay has happened.

Later Chandrababu was accused of not completing the capital in five years. But then, these activists have completed disappeared.

Interestingly both of them are from Vishakapatnam but are completely silent when the government is destroying Rushikonda, the environmental wonder of Vishakapatnam.

MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju is fighting the issue in NGT and the Supreme Court but these activists are no where on the radar.

EAS Sharma is not in news but Bolisetty comes before media in the name of Janasena party but stays away from the issue.

There are doubts if they have acted on behalf of YSR Congress during 2014-19 to help bring down Chandrababu Naidu.