Amaravati Assembly – Kohinoor Diamond

Amaravati Assembly - Kohinoor DiamondFinally, the designs of the dream city Amaravati have been finalized by the AP Cheif Minister Chandra Babu Naidu. The architect firm, Foster & Partners have presented the final designs for the construction of the Assembly and High Court of the City on Wednesday which has been approved to go ahead.

Initially, Assembly was proposed to be in the shape of Buddhist stupa and the High Court to be as the Diamond. But as suggested by the Chief Minister, the plans are interchanged. Now the Assembly is going to be in the shape of Diamond and the court in the form of Buddha. Describing the idea behind the designs, Chandra Babu said that, Buddhist stupa depicts happiness, and justice is the happiness to the people, which is why the Court is going to look as Buddhist stupa.

Check Revised Designs Here – Photos

Coming to the Assembly plan, the Diamond, he said that the design is inspired by the Kohinoor Diamond which was born in the very City. Well, the city is definitely going to be the apple of the state’s eye.

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