Amaravati---A-Dream-Gone-Too-SoonAmaravati is a gone case now, with the political forces who could have saved it, abandoning the farmers. Unless something drastic happens and the courts interfere, Amaravati is finished. We have heard the downfall of several kingdoms and empires in the past, for the first time, we are seeing that in the modern era.

It is something a modern democracy may not have tried or even thought about. It lasted just five years but carrying some very important lessons. The first one is that in a third world country like India, dreaming big is a crime. You just have to dream till the tummies are filled and freebies are thrown.

There is no place here for aiming big and trying to achieve the impossible. This is a lesson for the political parties who are in power and who are waiting to be in Power. The Second important lesson is for farmers who could not even sell their produce at the prices they want.

Never Ever do business with the Governments, Never Ever try to partner with the Governments. Politics these days is all about scoring political goals over each other and there is no place for empathy. The leaders would not even care if you are on roads for more than a month and may even dub you as paid artists for asking your rights.