Always Wanted To Take Chandrababu To My State: Sonu SoodIf there is one name that is echoing across the nation for the unyielding efforts during COVID is then it is of Sonu Sood. The actor has been praised for his exemplary and timely efforts, reaching out to scores of needy people in all the corners.

As part of #WeMustTalk event by NTR Trust, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu interacted with Sonu Sood, hailed as Messiah of Nation via video conference. The agenda of the interaction was how organisations and individuals can rise up and work in the pandemic to stand by the needy.

While the discussion was fruitful, what made the discussion lively was Sonu Sood praising Chandrababu Naidu for being visionary as he transformed Hyderabad into a perfect hub mushrooming with developments. Sonu Sood says, “I have always been awestruck with the development in Hyderabad and the one only one name the I hear is of Chandrababu Naidu behind sch transformation”

Sonu Sood adds that he has always been vocal of Chandrababu Naidu’s vision and development to his staff and colleagues. The actor has iterated many times to his staff and others of bringing Chandrababu Naidu to his state and other states also to get to see the same infrastructure, IT and other areas of development which has been achieved in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, Chandrababu hailed Sonu for his work and concluded that they would soon team up for a good cause.