Pawan Kalyan Kishan ReddyThere are several reports pertaining to the alliance between JanaSena and BJP after Pawan Kalyan said he is vexed with BJP not giving him a route map and he’s looking for other options. There are also reports that Pawan’s JanaSena might work with TDP for 2024 elections.

Amidst all the high drama, BJP has been claiming that they are indeed in good relation with JanaSena and these two parties will contest together in Andhra Pradesh.

Today, BJP senior leader and union minister Kishan Reddy spoke briefly about the alliance with JanaSena. He said these parties are in alliance.

“At least as far as AP politics are considered, BJP will travel with JanaSena. That’s for sure. The recce at Pawan Kalyan’s house is condemned. The two state governments should investigate the incident. If not, the central government will look into it.” Kishan Reddy said.