Alliance - An Unavoidable Risk for Pawan Kalyan?Janasena President Pawan Kalyan who has come under severe pressure after the drubbing in the recent elections Finally reached out to BJP for some solace. Janasena is looking like it will fall apart and Pawan Kalyan induced some Hope with the support of a party which is in the Power in Delhi.

Both the Parties will contest all the elections until 2024 General elections. This is definitely a good move for now even though the alliance is unlikely to make an impact in the Local Body Elections. However, the big question is if this is a right move for the 2024 elections.

By 2024, BJP will complete 10 years in Power and it will have to face some anti-incumbency for sure. Moreover, the Central Government is unlikely to help Andhra Pradesh significantly. If at some point of time, if Jagan or Chandrababu raises the issue of non co-operation from the Center, it will be interesting to see how Pawan reacts.

Political Experts say that Pawan Kalyan should have announced working with BJP in anti-government programs for now and later gauge the situation before 2024. This seems to be a desperate move to show some results in the Local Elections. But can a party with no presence in AP help Janasena? Only time can tell.