Allegations On Akira's Birth: Disgusting PoliticsYSR Congress is getting desperate and is badmouthing the family members of the Opposition parties as well.

We have seen YSR Congress MLAs making disgusting allegations over Chandrababu Naidu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari in the assembly.

Later, we have seen them making wild allegations about the differences between Bhuvaneshwari and Brahmani.

Even though they are not related to politics, YSR Congress stooped to the level of mudslinging them.

Now it is the turn of Janasena President Pawan Kalyan.

YSR Congress Spokesperson, Nagarjuna Yadav in an interview alleged that Pawan Kalyan in a court case of Renu Desai informed the court that he is not the biological father of Akhira.

“How was Akira Nandan born in 2004?” Nagarjuna Yadav questioned citing some case number filed in 2007.

YSR Congress supporting media is giving extensive coverage to those comments intentionally without an iota of responsibility.

If YSR Congress has political differences with Pawan Kalyan, they should fight it politically.

This is not targeting Pawan Kalyan, they are targeting Renu Desai and Akira.

Just imagine the trauma and societal pressure the kid will now undergo.

Renu Desai is leading a life of her own. Just imagine how these allegations will impact her life.