Allagadda: Bhuma Akhila Priya Swimming Against Tide!Former Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya had lost the last election. She has come to politics after the sudden demise of her father and immediately became a minister.

Ever since she became active, there are allegations always that she is not maintaining cordial relations with the leaders who sailed with her parents.

Akhila is always seen fighting not only with opponents but also with her own party leaders and her relatives making things worse for them.

She continues to be in news for bad reasons even in Opposition.

There were rumors that there is a gap between Akhila and TDP leadership.

But she was allowed to speak in Mahanadu indicating that the party’s high command is willing to give her a chance.

BJP in-charge and Akhila Priya’s relative, Bhuma Kishore Reddy is willing to join TDP if he gets the Allagadda ticket. Kishore is more active in the constituency than Akhila.

Akhila Priya is planning to undertake a Padayatra in the constituency to regain lost hold in the constituency.

It is almost like swimming against the tide for her but she has no other option.