All Set for Rahul Gandhi Elevation - Congress PartyCongress is going to elect its next President by October 15th. Buzz is that the current President, Sonia Gandhi is keen to step down and elevate her son, Rahul Gandhi as the next President of the party. Rahul is currently the Vice President.

There are several rumours about Sonia’s health in media. Her frequent foreign visits also confirm that and so it is the best time for Rahul’s elevation, she feels. But then, Rahul has got a very bad image in the people and his track record in elections is also not that great.

It has to be seen if this elevation will save Congress Party. 2014 elections have taught a bitter lesson to the Grand Old Party reducing it to never before insulting numbers. The party could not even win 50 MP seats in the whole country and is on a losing spree in all the Assembly elections that followed later.