All-Political-Parties-Divided-Over-Three-Capitals-FormulaEver since the announcement of the Three Capitals formula, that has become a point of discussion everywhere and there is a mixed reaction from the public. However, the people from the districts that are going to be benefitted from this idea are hopeful that it will change their fate even though experts are expressing their apprehensions over sustainability.

Political leaders of all the parties are divided about this idea. The politicians of all the opposition parties from Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema are welcoming this move even though their parties are against the idea. The confusion is not only confined to the Opposition, but even the ruling party also has its share of problems.

The MLAs, MPs, and other leaders of Krishna and Guntur districts are under severe pressure from the people of their constituencies to voice their dissent against the move. They are very much aware that this move is aimed at diluting the idea of Amaravati which will augur no good to both the districts.

Despite Chandrababu Naidu helped these two districts by setting up the capital, the people here overwhelmingly voted for YSR Congress and they feel this is not the way to pay back their support. They even defeated Nara Lokesh. So, YSR Congress leaders of this area are under pressure.