YS Jagan Akhanda Balakrishna AP Tickets TDPNandamuri Balakrishna’s Akhanda is blazing guns at the box office. The movie has brought the audience back into the theaters as in the Pre-COVID days and infused confidence in the industry about its future. Meanwhile, the movie’s success is also a big boost for the TDP cadre.

It is common that the Balakrishna fans and TDP cadres will overlap. The movie’s success is an indication that they are charged and ready to go. This energy will also play a role in the party’s resurgence. We have already seen anti-incumbency on the ruling government in AP and the recent local elections have given a small indication of ‘change’.

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Balakrishna’s crazy films reflect the mood of the cadres and the common public. For an instance, NTR Mahanayakudu despite being a decent film failed to impress the audience just before the election. The shocking performance of the movie is an indication that even the TDP cadre is not motivated.

That has been reflected in the election results as well. In the same pattern, we can sense ‘Kasi’ in the TDP cadre with Akhanda and we may see a grand comeback of the Opposition parties. With Jagan having many issues to face, it will be a big headache for him in the coming days. Experts are surprised how a party that won 151/175 seats is suddenly worried about a film.

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Probably that is the reason why the ecosystem of the ruling party is shattered by Akhanda’s success and is trying to attribute to one community. It’s for the party’s leadership to channelize the energy and lead them to the fight. The next couple of years are going to be very interesting.