AK-47 Inventor is no more!AK-47 may be the most popular weapon across the World. It is also the most used weapon by armed forces to deadly terrorists across the globe. AK-47 is invented by Mikhail Kalshnikov in the year 1947. He got national honour of Russia then for making the weapon. AK-47 – The Automatic Kalashnikov will let out 600 bullets a minute and is so easy to handle. In his first exhibition, Soviet schoolchildren with blind fold were taught to assemble it.

Qualities like low cost, ease of use, light weight and resistance to corrosion and jamming made the weapon favourite to its users. It is estimated that there are 10 Crore AK-47s used across the world even today. Kalshnikov was born in an ordinary agriculture family. He first worked as railway clerk and later worked for Red Army. He is 94 when he breathed his last on Monday due to a long illness.