After Special Status, BJP Does It Once Again For Andhra Pradesh!Central Government has clarified that there is no reconsideration on the issue of privatization of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. To this effect, Union Minister Bhagwat Kishan Rao Karad replied in writing to YSR Congress MP Gorantla Madhav’s question in the Lok Sabha.

There have been concerns over the past few months demanding that the proposal to privatize the Visakhapatnam steel plant should be withdrawn. The unions have demanded that all parties come together and put pressure on the Central Government. The trade unions have called for ‘Chalo Parliament’ on August 1st and 2nd to protect the steel plant.

On the other hand, the indefinite fasts of the trade unions in Kurmannapalem against the decision of the Central Government have reached the 165th day. It looks like the Union Government is not bothered about all these agitations and is going forward with its decision.

Meanwhile, the other day, Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu wrote an open letter to the unions asserting them that TDP legislators are ready to resign to exert pressure over their cause. After going back on the Special status promise, BJP has done it once again for Andhra Pradesh.