After Pakistan, British Enters AP PoliticsAndhra Pradesh unit of BJP seems to be in a complete disarray after that loose talk of Somu Veerraju about cheap liquor talk. The comments have gone viral on social media and have shamed the saffron party at the National level as well. Social media folks have changed his name from Somu Veerraju to Sarai Veerraju.

To cover up the issue, BJP is trying diversion tactics. The other day, we have seen BJP leaders demanding the name change for Jinnah Tower and Jinnah Center in Guntur citing Pakistan sentiment. A day after that, Somu Veerraju brought in the British now to save his face.

He demanded a name change for the famous KGH Hospital in Vishakapatnam. “What is this King George? Who is the King? Who is the George? KGH should be immediately renamed. It should be named after Sardar Gouthu Lachanna. We will agitate against the Government if it is not renamed immediately,” the AP BJP President demanded.

It looks like BJP has deployed everyone from Pakistan to the British to save themselves for cheap liquor comments.