After Nearly 4 Years, Modi Gives Appointment To PawanThe JanaSena-BJP alliance has been in the news for a while now and mostly due to the uncertainty pertaining to the same. Pawan recently said BJP hasn’t given him a roadmap yet and he wishes to explore other options. His meeting with Chandrababu late led to TDP-JanaSena alliance speculation.

Coming to the point, the prime minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to tour Vizag tomorrow and the day after.

There have been doubts on whether or not Modi will meet Pawan Kalyan during the tour. But the latest developments suggest that Modi has given the appointment to Pawan.

This is the first time in four years that Modi has given the appointment to Pawan. While it isn’t certain as to Pawan will be taking part in the public rally along with Modi or not, but he is sure to discuss the latest developments in Andhra Pradesh politics in a private meeting with Modi.

This meet could play a decisive role in the continuation of the JanaSena and BJP alliance. It is known that Pawan was recently troubled by Vizag police. Will this also come to discussion?