After-Mangalagiri-Result,-Will-Nara-Lokesh-Be-Confined-to-Back-OfficeIn his maiden election, Chandrababu Naidu’s son, Nara Lokesh has lost. He lost to his nearest rival from YSR Congress, Alla Rama Krishna Reddy by a margin of 5000 Plus Votes. This is a huge setback for Chandrababu Naidu who is keen on promoting his son as his heir.

Lokesh entered Naidu’s Cabinet via Council and the Opposition ridiculed him for that. Call it confidence or misadventure, Lokesh chose Mangalagiri to contest in his debut election. TDP last won this seat in 1985 which means almost three decades back.

In 2014 elections, TDP candidate, Ganji Chiranjeevi lost this election by just 12 Votes. Finally, that choice proved to be costly. With TDP in Opposition, Lokesh would be embarrassed to enter the Assembly as an MLC which he still holds.

In all probability, he would be confined to the Back-Office for the next five years. Lokesh’s Struggle in Public Speeches had a bad effect on his own career and the party as well. The Nara Scion has to do a lot of hard work from now to prove himself.